Employer Services

Learn about the many benefits of using McFarlane Hospitality Recruiters, Inc. for your recruitment needs.

Recruitment Done Right.

There are several reasons why you should use MHR’s recruiting team to help find you exceptional talent for your jobs. We specialize only in management positions within the hospitality industry. We do not rely on an old out-dated database. Instead we actively call on candidates that are currently working in similar properties to yours, to find the perfect match for your position. Your search will be top priority with our team working diligently to bring you only the best qualified candidates for your review.

Recruitment Fee

Our placement fee is simple. We charge a fee based on the annual base salary for the position for which we are recruiting. An invoice is sent once the hired candidate actually arrives to property and begins work (refer to contract for specific due dates).


Unfortunately, not every candidate works out in every circumstance. MHR will guarantee all of its candidates for 90 days from their start date. Should a candidate that MHR has placed, leave prior to the 90 days, we will work diligently on replacing the candidate free of charge (refer to contract for specifics). We do encourage good communication between MHR and the client, even once the candidate has placed. If there are any red flags by our client within the first 90 days, it is helpful to know this in advance.

Candidate Presentation

MHR will initially ask for our client’s time up front to discuss the search and ideal qualifications for the perfect candidate. Once that information is received and the our contract is signed, the search begins. As MHR surfaces experienced candidates that meet the client’s criteria, an introduction of the candidate is forwarded. Ordinarily this is done via e-mail, along with the candidate’s resume and other vital, pertinent information.

Interview Coordination

MHR is happy to arrange, coordinate and confirm any and all interviews with the candidates. This can include phone interviews as well as on property interviews. It is always helpful to have a confirmed agenda that we can forward to the candidate. We confirm the interview with the candidate as well as follow up after all interviews to get the candidate’s feedback and thoughts on the process.

Candidate References

Upon favorable feedback from our client and at their request, we are happy to make “reference” calls for a candidate strongly being considered. We provide a typed summary of our conversation and provide them to you in a timely manner. Some clients will provide to MHR a list of standard reference questions they would like asked. Other clients allow MHR to ask relevant questions for a through reference. Some clients prefer to gather their own references as well. MHR is available to assist in whatever is needed. MHR does NOT provide background checks, drug testing, or criminal histories.