Candidate Services

McFarlane Hospitality Recruiters provides candidates with opportunities to interview for and meet with our clients

Candidate Services

McFarlane Hospitality Recruiters provides candidates with opportunities to interview for and meet with our clients. There is no cost to the candidate; our fees our paid for by our clients, once our candidate is selected for the vacant position. MHR is available as a resource to our candidates throughout the interviewing process. We can provide in depth information on our client’s property, their company, the hiring manager(s) and the qualities that they are looking for in their next manager or director. We can provide helpful hints and information prior to the interview, during the process, after the interviews and even at offer stage. We ask that in exchange for the opportunity to be presented for these open positions, our candidates provide us with constant and timely updates during the interview process.


MHR is ethical first and foremost. We first get your permission before we discuss you and your resume with our clients and that is after we have had the opportunity to review our clients’ needs with you to see if we have a match. In turn, any career opportunities that we share with you must be held in strict confidence as well.

Openness and Honesty

When sharing your resume with us and talking about your work history, we ask that you be open and honest with us so we my represent you with full confidence and assurance. Holding back pertinent information can have negative effects when presenting you to our clients. We want to build a foundation and bond with each candidate that will translate into a positive experience when matching you to a job opportunity.

Interview Preparation

When we receive information that an employer wants to set an interview (either by phone, video, or in person) we want to insure you are available and prepared for it. We will call you beforehand and give you all the details we have on the position and conduct an Interview Prep to insure you are well prepared. When interviews are in person, we will make sure you know where and when the interview will take place.

Follow Up and Feedback

We will be calling you throughout the process and will update you with any changes. You should feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns. We expect you to let us know if anything changes as soon as possible.

Referral Program

Not every position we list is right for every candidate, however, you may know someone who might fit the needs of our client. We are happy to offer a cash incentive when you refer to us a new candidate that we have not met and we in turn introduce them to one of our clients. Should they secure the position, we are pleased to be able to send to you a “thank you very much” check with our deepest appreciation (the amount will vary depending on the position and the contracted fee with the client).